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17th Sep 2015, 5:51 AM in Seen at the Mall
Seen at the Mall - Page 13
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Chris_DFS 17th Sep 2015, 5:51 AM
Free cookies!

Little side note, Mega Zwartha was dreamed up to be a hugely popular Japanese style games/tvshow/comic etc series. We actually started on a short Mega Zwartha comic. It was meant to be a send up of the great epic series like Star Blazers, Macross etc. We had all the cast archetypes, I had dreamed up some mecha etc. But it was so far outside our personal comfort zone, we didn't think it was coming off quite right. I think we even chatted to our friend Tara, who DOES know how to do that material and has been doing so for all the years we've know her, but it kinda fizzled. But we'll likely still mention it from time to time.

Go read Tara's comic Galaxion.