Men At Work - Cover

23rd Oct 2015, 6:43 AM in Men At Work
Men At Work - Cover
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Author Notes:

Chris_DFS 23rd Oct 2015, 6:43 AM
Number 9
Wow, what a big issue. First and foremost, the art takes a huge leap in this issue. Jeff had been studying animation and had been introduced to the concept of line weight, suddenly the characters popped, the sketchiness disappeared, and the overall look looked miles better.

This issue was a huge thumbing of the nose to what was happening in the comics industry at the time. (And sadly is happening again) We used different colours of paper on the cover. Each issue was sealed in a clear bag. (Which were actually milk bags that were washed out and then heat sealed.) Each copy came with a random collector card, and I mean random. Mine has an ET the movie card with ET in drag.

They were also all signed and numbered, by which we mean each one had a random signature from a made up person, celebrity, or our Moms. the 'numbering' was just a random number.

What really blew our minds was there were people who actually bought five copies to get all the different colours. When we had to do reprints, we'd choose even more colours.

It was nuts.

This issue also features another character based on someone we knew, but we'll get to that later.