The Secret of the Ruse - Page 10&11

4th Dec 2015, 6:42 AM in The Secret of the Ruse
The Secret of the Ruse - Page 10&11
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Author Notes:

Chris_DFS 4th Dec 2015, 6:42 AM
Two page center spread. I always wanted a poster of this page. The Tenderizer in a way really is a creation of Eddy the Lump. He is based on a punisher like character named Zap created by our friend Heath, the basis for Eddy. Heath's anatomy way back was a little sketchy, and Zap had this weird looking jawline. So we gave it to Tendy. Seemed to fit well with the rest of the issues themes.

And more mentions of Doctor Cimoc, this time he's experimenting with collector cards. When this story came out, many comic shop had become card shops, selling way more Magic and sports cards than comics. I still think Magic cards were coated in a fine layer of cocaine.

Mmmmm. Camo pants.