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14th Jan 2016, 5:08 AM in Back to Issue One
Back to Issue One - Cover
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Author Notes:

Chris_DFS 14th Jan 2016, 5:08 AM
It's huge
Yes, our twelfth issue and we decided it should be double sized. Cause in monthly comics, that would be a one years anniversary so you do something special. We just did it because we were nuts.

It was an all hands on deck affair, the original "Who Did What" lists Jeff as story and art, Chris as story and background art, and Greg with the assist on story and crowd art.

As you go through, you can sort of see stuff where the line is a bit different or the characters have a different feel to them. I'll try and point out obvious ones. It's an interesting blend, and part of the ongoing growth and development of the art on DFS. After this issue, it settles in and stays fairly consistent right through the run.