Dee Mpyr Striix Bagk - Page 1

21st May 2015, 5:44 PM in Dee Mpyr Striix Bagk
Dee Mpyr Striix Bagk - Page 1
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Author Notes:

Chris_DFS 21st May 2015, 5:44 PM
A few notes here, first, the layouts to this issue were not done by either Jeff or Chris, but by an old friend of our's who is largely responsible for not only getting us into comics in general, but into making our own comics. So this unusual panel arrangement could likely be attributed to him.
Second, that last panel? That's supposed to be a large crowd in bleachers. I know it looks like spaghetti.
Third, you know this comic is old if we're talking about making ten and a half percent interest.
Lastly, we try and keep the language age appropriate, Bloody Hell is about our strongest. Unless you classify poop as worse.